An executive’s guide to AI and Intelligent Automation

Working Machines

Working Machines takes a look at how the renewed vigour for the development of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation technology has begun to change how businesses operate.

Working Machines Ebook

This book provides a step-by-step guide to building your own AI and Intelligent Automation strategies and frameworks, while also giving you insight into the way it is currently being used across multiple industries.

What will you learn?

There isn’t a better time than now to become well-versed in AI’s current capabilities, and what experts predict will take place in the next few years.


Learn about the tech behind AI.


Discover what AI-supported solutions can do for your business.


Understand the potential that AI has to transform the way you work.


Develop a deeper understanding of the role your organisation plays when addressing the moral dilemma of AI.


Grasp the tools to help you get started with your own projects.

Who is this book for?

Our intention was to create a book that would be easy to understand for non-technical business leaders and consultants who are tasked with assisting a business in building its AI and Automation strategies. We also believe that anyone who has a career in the digital space would find value in this book.

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C-level Executives

Business Owners


Everything that you need to know as a business owner about Artificial Intelligence is in this book. It starts with the basics about AI and then slowly builds up into more complex topics but each new piece of information is served in bite-size chunks. I feel I have a much better grasp on how AI will change the way we live and work going into the future.
As a business person who is always interested in new trends and developments in the tech field, this book offers an incredible array of information on how AI works and how it is growing. Specifically looking at how it’s applied in different fields and industries.
This book is ideal for people who are starting to get to know Artificial Intelligence and want to know the basics. It is not for techies, so it is easy to read and easy to understand for anyone.
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Working Machines Book Cover

Working Machines

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and it’s definitely time to get onboard!

Part 1 - A general introduction to AI and Intelligent Automation

Their development and implementation across business in general, means that executives and business owners need to make sure they are well informed about the technology.

Part 2 - AI infiltration of industries on a global scale

Get to grips with how AI and Intelligent Automation could help your organisation evolve and grow.

Part 3 - How AI is digitising the workplace

The stage is set for humans and AI to become coworkers.

Part 4 - Understanding your role as a responsible organisation

In this chapter we review the ethical questions that have been raised around AI as the use of the technology has become more widespread.

Part 5 - The AI business toolbox for Senior Executives

With the help of our guide and frameworks, you will be prepared to make informed decisions on when and how to use AI within your organisation.

Bonus Chapter - How to build a successful chatbot from scratch

About The Authors

Samantha Wolhuter

Samantha has been an avid tech writer for WeAreBrain since 2017. Originally from South Africa, she has more than 15 years experience in the advertising space. She is also a very proud digital nomad. In the last several years she has been to 48 countries. Samantha is passionate about all things tech but has a particular affinity for Artificial Intelligence. When she is not travelling, Samantha spends time in Cape Town, which is her home base.

Samanta Wolhuter
Paula Ferrai

Paula Ferrai

Paula is WeAreBrain’s Marketing and Communications Director. She believes that the ever-changing landscape of the digital age has allowed us to do and see things we could never have imagined 15 years ago. Paula is no stranger to the entrepreneurial and AI space using the technology in her own business venture. Paula is Swiss born but now lives in the Netherlands with her family. She is also a dive master and enjoys travelling the world.

Mario Grunitz

Mario Grunitz

Mario is WeAreBrain’s co-founder and a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the technology field. Mario’s expertise lies in building and growing successful products. In his free time, Mario loves to spend time with his family, improve his martial arts skills and is helping mould the minds of future business leaders. Mario is also the co-founder of gig economy startup clevergig, as well as Enterprise Automation platform



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